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Gina Gomez, Executive Director of El Centro Hispano

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Gina Gomez, originally from Bogota, Colombia, came to Arkansas in 1999 as an Arkansas State University international student. While at ASU, she volunteered at El Centro Hispano, helping with translations and resolving problems. 

Gomez is celebrating 20 years as Executive Director of El Centro Hispano.

“When I was chosen for this position, it was not easy ... I had to demonstrate that my objective in taking the position was in good faith and to continue with the growth of the organization,” Gomez said. “I had to earn the trust of the collaborators, people of the community and even the donors since the organization is non-profit and is supported mainly by its donors and grants.” 

Gomez took her psychologist background and passion for helping the community and set out to ensure her community members had the resources and capacity to get ahead in this country. She believes people have a social responsibility, and her objective has always been to give back.

“Most of the people who come to this country have not had the same opportunities as many of us, and we can all contribute a little to society with the experience or different abilities that we have,” Gomez said. “Our youth deserve every opportunity. That is why many of our programs at El Centro Hispano are in the educational area. It is very important that our community is educated.”

El Centro Hispano provides bilingual assistance and services to the Latino and broader community. The center believes that by investing in families, adults and children in social, legal, health and educational services, along with cultural and civic engagement, the community will be stronger. 

There are a variety of services provided under each category: 

  • Social Services: Identification Cards, Job Referrals, Translations, Interpretations, housing
  • Legal Services: Court and Police Interpretation, Notarial Services, Support in Job-Related Problems and Documents Assistance.
  • Health Services: Counseling Services, Referrals and Documents Assistance.
  • Other Programs: Spanish Classes, La Escuelita, Citizenship Classes and English Classes. 

For more information about this organization and its services please visit centrohispanoarkansas.com