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Not having health insurance in the United States can be dangerous. A visit to the hospital can generate receipts of thousands of dollars, and they are one of the main causes of bankruptcy in this country.

People with a valid Social Security number have options for health insurance.

It’s possible to get health insurance if their employer offers it. The employee can accept or reject it and purchase health insurance on their own.

In this case, health insurance can be purchased with your own money or by asking for help from the federal government in the Marketplace. The request can be made online at healthcare.gov or by calling 1-800-318-2596. Monthly insurance payments are made based on everyone’s income. To enroll in the program, the minimum individual income must be $12,880 and the maximum $51,520, but those limits increase if spouses and children are included in the application.

For people whose income is below these limits, or who are 65 years old and have limited income or minors (including newborns), as well as pregnant women and individuals with special medical problems, the State of Arkansas offers the Medicaid program that covers many of these circumstances.

The application can be requested online by visiting access.arkansas.gov/learn/home or by calling the Human Resources agency in each county.